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Approximate number of burning hours:

  • 240ml: 30 hours
  • 420ml: 60 hours

Hello! It is a pleasure to meet! Please, allow me to introduce myself…

When Rokai made me, I was told that I am meant to bring joy and positive vibes to my future home and to remind my new family of the tropical, spicy and refreshing scents of South-East Asia.

I am entirely made from natural ingredients, as my wax is one of the best vegetable candle waxes, blending soy with coconut wax. As Rokai knows that paraffin may not be the healthiest option, they have decided not to incorporate it in me. Also, don’t forget my exotic scent was obtained through mixing my 3 favorite natural essential oils that were discovered when visiting Thailand: Litsea Cubeba, Lime and Ginger. Just that!




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