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Free shipping in Switzerland & Europe / Worldwide for orders over 300.--
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Free shipping in Switzerland & Europe / Worldwide for orders over 300.--

&Klevering signature style

A touch of modern elegance to every corner of your home.

Bazar Bizar

Secret ingredient is the beauty of natural materials such as rattan, seagrass and raffia

fiorirà un giardino

fiorirà un giardino is loved and desired by those looking for design, modernity, functionality but with that touch of craftsmanship that makes the difference…

Cherry blossom collection

The Cherry Blossom Collection is inspired by the liveliness and vitality of the Japanese flower as it blossoms each Spring. Embodying the ideals of renewal, Michael is captivated by the intricate nature of the flower and the symbolism that it holds.

Chic wave: Ride the Trend!

where each product is a sweet addition to your trendsetting journey !

The perfect table

From delicate plates to stunning glassware, our selection embodies sophistication and quality, perfect for creating the ideal table setting for any occasion.

Home Sweet Stripes Cushion

Modern geometric patterns that add a stylish twist to your decor

Swiss fondue tradition services

Indulge in authentic Swiss Fondue perfection

Summer Sale

Trend On Line Summer Sale!

Warmth & style

Wrap yourself in snug plaid blankets, sink into plush cushions, and discover the irresistible charm of our brand designs.

Where wood transforms into timeless art

Mastering the Art of Wood, Bringing Imagination to Life

For your home only

Blowing glass is a fascinating and time-consuming process. The artist handles the glass when it is still liquid to when it is up to 1300˚ Celsius.

Reveal luxury in every detail

Refine your space with Decor Walther’s bathroom essence

Symphony of scents from top candle brands

Transform your ambiance with a diverse collection of candles from leading brands, each crafted to elevate your senses and space

New, chic, and elegantly modern

Explore our latest arrivals today!

Theophile & Patachou

Elegance for baby

Passion and savoir-faire came together and gave birth to a new quality label 100% dedicated to the world of the baby

Dive into the Latest Trends !

Uncover Your Style: Explore the Latest Trends & Enhance Your Look Today!! 🏡✨

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