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A passion is often a story that develops over many years. When you believe in something, when you find joy and pleasure in every detail of it, time is the medium that gives that passion a depth.

Trend-on-Line was born from my love of beautiful objects and the sheer pleasure that comes from identifying a special item to transform the atmosphere of a room. With a long career in interior design, the foundation had been laid down. Over the years I have worked towards an awareness of ambiance, of how to combine objects, styles, lighting, to create an effect. I now have a view of many remarkable designers, there are always new names to discover and I’ll never tire of observing and exploring the permanent flow of creativity that is the design industry. The more I discover, the more I want to share.

To be able to turn a passion into a full time occupation is the ultimate reward. Trendonline is an adventure. One that is first and foremost about stunning products that I believe in and want to showcase. It’s also a chance to express a way of doing things, my own set of values. It’s a story that will be written with teamwork, unfailing quality and impeccable, efficient service as the threads.

The vision is to inspire all our visitors towards transforming their space, highlighting its uniqueness. It’s then to allow the full experience of choice, contact, purchase and final reception to be flawless.

Welcome to Trend-on-line – the designer touch for your interiors & lifestyle.

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