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Anna Von Lipa

Scandinavian Design Czech Glass

Anna Von Lipa

Decorate your home for Summer

Colorful vases
Candy Jars
Candle Holder
Food Cover
Fiorirà un Giardino
Scented Candles
Deux Soeurs
Handcrafted on the Swedish island of Öland

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Designed for Chefs

The designs accompany the creations of the most renowned international chefs and offer solutions to the most demanding hotel design projects, both aesthetically and functionally

Get the 3 Michelin Star look in your home




Invites you on a faraway journey to the dancing islands, ancient traditions and heavenly beaches of Indonesia.

Get the Bali tableware in your home



Heidi Cheese Line


Discover HEIDI CHEESE LINE cheese tools for amateurs created in the heart of the Alpes

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