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The collection Ambiances des Alpes it is a perfume in the extracts of scents of the Alps and a smart and pure design with its cuttings inspired by the Country of Enhaut (Alps Swiss) (Alps Swiss) and by the alpine sculptures.

Chic and pure with its cutouts inspired by the Pays d’Enhaut (Alps Swiss) and the alpine sculptures, the scent is the smell of the Edelweiss.
This symbol of the Alps, this mythical plant, grows between an altitude of 2000 to 3000 m. Today, it is a protected species and its gathering is controlled.
White, with a felt cottonlike aspect, its starshape flower makes it even more precious.
Edelweiss, snow, cotton.

This soap Atmospheres of the Alps is of an only plant composition and without colouring agent, for your good to be and the respect for your skin. A very soft soap. He is made in France in association with the craftsmen of Manosque.


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Ambiances Des Alpes

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