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Hoarfrost scented dice. The collection Ambiances des Alpes it is a perfume in the extracts of scents of the Alps and a smart and pure design with its cuttings inspired by the Country of Enhaut (Alps Swiss) and by the alpine sculptures.

An original and poetic way of perfuming your inside…
Every perfumed die will spread in the atmosphere your favorite flavor during 15 hours.
Box understanding 10 perfumed dice. Resins used for the manufacturing of dice are 100 % vegetables.
The duration of distribution of a die is of 15 hours, if you stop the source of heat the liquid becomes again solid and can be reused there several times.

A flavor which transports you in a landscape transformed into an enchanting world covered with ice crystals, a single flower is discovered, frail and captive.

Councils of use: put a die perfumed in the small dish of the perfume burner (sold separately) and then light a candle warms dish inside this one.



Ambiances Des Alpes


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