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Handmade candles lavender, amber and citrus scented candle poured into smoked glass jars with golden lids and decorated with bows.

Over 35-45 hours of burn time.

Hand cast Handmade candles lavender, amber and citrus scented candle in Switzerland in a small family workshop in Lully, VD

Handcrafted production in the respect of the security rules and by sublimating the raw materials. Therefore, the candles are made with vegetable waxes from colza and soya. Likewise, the use of waxes produced in an eco responsible and renewable way with cotton and paper fiber wicks. The fragrances are made by a specialist perfumer based in the UK.

All fragrances are IFRA and EU compliant, do not contain animal derived substances and are made specifically for use in candles. We select only CMR-free fragrances.





Deux Soeurs

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