This luxurious gift box gathers a selection of 3 perfume extracts to be burned and the Bucchero light bulb ring. DI TOSCANA – LINEA ARCIPELANERO.
Fragrance Giglio (tasty) : A treasure to discover : the freshness of citrus fruits, the richness of mediterranean fruits, citrons and orange peels.
Fragrance Giannutri (floral) : Growing palm trees, Euphorbia and Wild Orchids will remind you of this small island, which is near to the Tuscan coast, and has a lush and nearly tropical landscape.
Fragrance Pianosa (floral) : You get bewitched by Tuscany’s Lotus or what we call mediteranean Hackberry’s perfume. Connoisseurs will remember the curious serenity which prevails on the island… or the need for breakout.




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