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The Rivet Collection celebrates the simplicity and honesty of joining metal with rivets. The collection is based upon the pieces that drew Michael to work in metal after his first encounters with workshops in Old Delhi 25 years ago. He was moved by the handmade nature of basic utilitarian objects which were made using extraordinary, yet straightforward, handicraft processes. The beauty, uniqueness and quality of such pieces inspired him to dedicate his creative energy to craft based design. 
“These pieces are an homage to the metal craft process and remind me of the quiet beauty that is found in simple, well made crafted pieces. I know the comparison is imperfect, but the folds, bends, and joining of these pieces are reminiscent of the art of Origami, where without external, inorganic elements, the paper, or in this case metal, comes together to form a beautiful object”.


Michael Aram


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