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Limited Edition.
Photo on the Plexiglas of JL Art.
Origin, Inspiration & Ideology

Leriche, the professional photographer of ‘Leriche Productions’, is an ambitious man full of ideas about a future where his pictures will make everyone want to dream about the fantasies he creates, a future where they too, can take part in those fantasies and dreams he experiences every day.

For him a perfect photo is one that, whether it is too your tastes or not, will fill you with emotion, even if for just a split second, a picture that talks to your soul, even if you didn’t want it too. Leriche has made it his life’s work to make those pictures, and show them to the world.

As for the subject of his photographs, he likes to confront any taboo he finds, and make it into art. He likes the spirit of the 60’ies, where everything was about freedom and Rock ‘n Roll, a wonderful time. Too bad for him he woke up in a completely different world, but if you look closely you will find such influences all over his pictures.

The pictures that he makes are carefully constructed to give you a real ‘larger than life’ feeling that oozes self-confidence and greatness. Not about everyday life, but about those big and crazy moments that we all share and make life worth living.

And finally, why did he ever start taking pictures in this way? Why does this art inspire him? Well, through all the tough and beautiful moments of his early adulthood, he couldn’t find a way to express himself, to show his true emotions, until he discovered photography. Photography is the one way that he can let go and become one with himself, every time he clicks that button on his camera and creates beauty.



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